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We Understand That Getting Engaged Is One Of The Most Exciting Times In Your Life

You Might Be Thinking It's Really Hard To Find The Right Jeweller To Make My Engagement Ring... Well Think Again!

Hello and welcome!

My name is James, and I’m the CEO of the well-known Blackwell Jewellers. We’re excited to tell you all about your bespoke engagement services and get to know your taste and personal style a bit better.

I can talk from experience, as I’ve been married for over 14 years. I truly believe in the saying that goes, happy wife, means happy life. The perfect engagement ring will help get you off on the right foot and start!

We understand that getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, we also know that it can also be stressful. There are many options to choose from and decisions to make when you’re looking and shopping for a ring.

  • How do I know what style or cut will look best?
  • What about quality? What does this mean?
  • Where should I go to find a great deal on an engagement ring?
  • What are the different cuts and clarity levels and what do they mean?
  • What shapes are available and what will my fiancé-to-be like the best?
Diamond engagement ring

How We Can Help

We have been in the business a long time and realize that there’s a real lack of personal and one-on-one attention for the customer when it comes to shopping for engagement services.

An engagement is such an important step in both of your lives and we want to do what we can to make it as special for you as possible. The ring says it all and you want it to be nothing less than perfect when it’s time to present it to your partner.

We know how exciting getting married and your wedding day is, but we also feel the engagement is just as significant of a milestone.

Your goal may be to get the perfect ring, but also not to spend a lot of money on a piece of jewellery that might not be right for her. Our services are here to ensure you walk away with the right ring at an affordable price and that you have an enjoyable shopping experience. Continue reading to learn more about what makes us different and why you should use our services to help youfind the right ring.

What Sets Us Apart

You may be thinking, that’s all great but how can you help ensure all goes smoothly for me and she absolutely loves the ring I choose for her?

For starters, we have created a system where we take all of the stress and worry out of this process for you. When she sees the ring, she will know how much thought was put into getting it for her, which is exactly the response you want.

Our system allows us to create a one-on-one engagement ring shopping experience with our clients, such as yourself, so you can find your dream engagement ring without spending hours searching online or going from store to store hoping someone has what you’re looking for.

We believe all relationships are based on the foundation of trust and the one with your jeweller should be no different. I want you to trust me and I have some background to share with you that will hopefully help you see the reasons why you should do so.

I have been making jewellery for over three decades now. On a side note -you would not believe me if you met me as I look as if I’m 20 :)

I started my journey at the age of 16 when I became an apprentice, but it was a five year apprenticeship. All those years in the workshops were spent learning traditional methods from some truly great masters, including observing how they made such beautiful pieces.

Although busy, I never stopped dreaming of owning a jewellery shop. So, at the age of 28, I started building a workshop for myself and taking work from all over England.

The next step in my career was getting high street space and that's where Blackwell was born! Nowadays, we're so busy with custom orders for rings and more in-store diamond trade than you’d ever believe.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. We don't want to spend all our time here banging on about how well we do, as you can find that out for yourself in our 'About Us' section on this site!

Let’s refocus and get back to business. This page and informationhere are for helping you find your perfect ring.

Back to Business

So, you may be curious to know more about what our particular system is all about and what we’ve created. I’m excited to share more and tell you all about it!

The truth is that in this industry, we've seen a lot of mass-produced pieces. Frankly, we’re tired of it and instead of complaining about it –we took action. In other words, we saw the glass half full and an opportunity to seize.

The mass-produced rings are lightweight and the stones are poorly set, which is why so many are worn within a year and the stones fall out--a red flag that it was not designed for life.

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into researching engagement rings, we found where our focus should be, which is value and quality. Our goal was to offer a handmade ring with a certified diamond. We then wanted some memories for you to look back on, so we offer celebrating as part of the package.

We went to work creating a system where we hand make the master components. Then we can remodel and assemble them when orders are taken. This system and process cut labour to half straight away, which helps cut costs, which ultimately benefits you, the consumer.

We told you it would be worth your time and energy to keep reading!

Sorting Through the Jargon

We know you have a budget and don’t want to spend your life savings on a ring. We also understand that money can sometimes be challenging to scrape together. However, if you know what style your partner likes then there shouldn't be an issue in finding one at an affordable price point when shopping with us.

Have you ever heard a guy say that we need to talk about the problem with engagement rings?? Haha. Nope.

The average guy is bombarded by information on how diamonds are graded and it's enough to make their head spin. Then, just when they think the ring shopping situation can't get any more confusing –the following subjects come up...Tiffany Blue Boxes versus White Ones? Oval or Princess cut?

The diamond business has always been a minefield of confusion for men, so we decided that our job was not done until every couple could pick the right ring and be confidently engaged. We believe there should never be anything less than 100% certainty in selecting an engagement ring.

We went to work creating a system where we hand make the master components. Then we can remodel and assemble them when orders are taken. This system and process cut labour to half straight away, which helps cut costs, which ultimately benefits you, the consumer.

Our Customer Service Promise to You

Imagine if you could get your hour-long Zoom consultation call at a time that suitsYOU versus when you are working or on a Saturday.

What if the diamonds come with a certificate and we break it all down and explain it for you? We will show you how simple engagement ring shopping can be. Other jewellers seem to go out of their way to complicate things. We do not.

What if we said we could offer you simple designs that we have made using the best in strength and style based on our 30 years of experience?

Imagine your ring being handmade just for you or your partner, then us filming the process then professionally editing it. How does a romantic meal as part of the package to celebrate the good news sound? Our treat.

You want someone to take the stress out of the experience. You want the whole process to be part of a whole experience, and something you will look back on and smile. That’s where we come in.

Let’s take a moment to review our customer experience promise to you and what you will get if you put your trust in us:

  • A Zoom call that will fit around your schedule, not around a time that suits our staff.
  • A bespoke and clear system that explains it all without the headache.
  • Machines can make rings better than a human, right? Wrong! Mass production is the wrong way to go.
  • Handmade mount at half the price.
  • A certified diamond that’s beautifully packaged.
  • Your mount will be designed and made especially for you.
  • A romantic meal to celebrate your engagement (on us!).
  • Our amazing money-back guarantee promise if you are not 100% happy.

Yes, you read that right. We 100% guarantee you will love your ring or we will refund your money. We are so confident that we will deliver you the ring we promised that for any reason you are not happy with it, you will get any money back that was paid upfront!

There will be no hard feelings, and no excuses!

In Summary

It's understandable that you might feel a little bit confused about the whole diamond buying process, and worried about getting ripped off. We get it -we've seen first-hand how stressful it can be to find the right ring without wiping out your wallet!

That's why our goal is to help make this process less of an uphill battle for you. We do this by being there for you every step of the way. If you need advice or just want someone on your side who will listen while walking with you through all the choices out there, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!

It makes sense that you may have felt like you’re going down a rabbit hole when looking for diamonds online. Let us tell you from experience that finding what is "the one” can be quite a daunting task. However, we’re here to make it not only a painless process but also a fun and enjoyable one for you!

Now you’re likely thinking that all sounds mighty appealing, so what’s next?  Good question.

Next Steps & Getting in Touch

By now you should have stopped sweating as you realize we’re here to help and will make sure that you get the perfect ring for her. It’s not an easy job you have, but with the right bespoke engagement ring service such as ours, it can be done.

So, let's start planning your next big moment together! We want to share in your excitement and will ensure that your ring is stunning and well-received.

Our jewellers will guide you every step of the way, from choosing your diamond and designing your ring to making sure it’s the perfect fit.

We’ll take care of everything for you, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this exciting moment!

You can jump on a call with me or one of our team members and we will take you through the next stage and steps in finding bespoke engagement rings. We can book you for a free consultation or we can arrange a meeting face-to-face at one of our branches if you choose.

Thank you for taking the time to read our page and why we believe we are the best choice and jeweller when it comes to shopping for and purchasing engagement rings. You should now have a better idea of what we can offer. However, if for any
reason you have any questions, please reach out to me personally and I would be happy to speak with you. I love to hear from our customers and will take the time to help.

We encourage you to check out our other bespoke pages if you need any other help with jewellery that isn’t solely based on engagement rings.

This is goodbye for now but not forever! We hope to be hearing from you soon.

James “Your Friendly Jeweller” Marsh

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