How To Quickly And Easily Get Your Jewellery Repaired 100% Guaranteed

Certified Experts, you can Trust

When you need an item of jewellery repaired, you need to have confidence in the company you are trusting

Therefore you should look for accredited certification. Our team of jewellers are highly skilled craftsmen who are all certified professionals.

That means we are able to provide high-quality work on any sort of custom design job, repair and service.

We have the tools to provide almost all work in-house. In some rare cases, items such as timepieces may require handling off-site. However, we promise to handle your job, whatever it is, with the due diligence it requires.

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Common Jewellery Repair Services We Offer

Jewellery is quite possibly one of the most emotive items you possess. You can become very emotionally attached to your jewellery as it contains a high level of sentimental value.

Perhaps your item reminds you of a lost loved one. So when you see that crack or chip, it can break your heart.

At Blackwell Jewellers, we want you to know that we understand this, and when we repair your items, we do so with the love and attention it deserves. We promise to breathe new life into your item in a cost-effective way.

– Ring Soldering and Sizing

Fingers change shape and size over the course of the year due to changing weather conditions and hormonal factors.

Also, over the course of the years, your fingers will change too. So, if you are fed up with that ring sliding off your fingers or becoming impossible to remove, all you need to do is contact us you get that ring resized.

Our soldering service can also join your wedding set together, which prevents damage by ensuring that the jewels and metals do not scratch against each other and cause unnecessary wear and tear.

– Ring Claws Replacement or Re-Tipping

Claws are used to hold the jewels of your ring in place. However, they are pretty delicate and can snag on any material or become worn from everyday tasks and break off.

This means you may lose your stones, mainly caused by wear and tear

Luckily, bent and damaged clawsare easy to spot and if one looks out of place, then bring it to us for inspection. We can easily replace it or reset the bent prong and make it like new.

– Ring Setting or Head Replacement

If your ring has one damaged Claw, you should bring it in for a repair asap. In some cases, you may have several damaged prongs.

This means you may need a setting replacement or ring head replacement. Otherwise, you may lose your expensive stones.

– Stone Replacement Services

There are usually a couple of reasons why you need a stone replacement.

Maybe you lost a stone due to a damaged clawor maybe you have chipped, cracked, or equally damaged stone. Whatever the reason, we can fix your jewellery to a very high standard.

– Cleaning and Polishing

A cleaning and polish service can do wonders for your jewellery regardless of whether you have owned it for six months or sixty years.

Over time your jewellery will lose its lustre, making it appear old, dull, and even ugly. Bringing your to Blackwell Jewellersis like taking your jewellery to a spa day.

– Clasp or Chain Repair

Does your favourite necklace have a few dodgy links, or is the clasp a bit lose? Or maybe a chain has completely broken.

Well at Blackwell Jewellers, we can solve these common problems for you. We are specially trained to match the metals, replace your broken clasps, and chains as if nothing ever happened.


It’s only natural to have questions about our repair services, here is a list of the most common:

Can you take your items to be repaired at a different store than where you purchased it?

Yes, you can come to us with any jewellery from anywhere.

How do you know if you are getting your own diamond back after it is repaired?

We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, so this is no issue at all.

However, for those of you with concerns, please let us know.

We can show you your diamond under a microscope to see its unique characteristics -diamonds are like fingerprints, each is entirely original. Or we can take a picture of it when you drop it off.

How can you tell if your diamond or gemstone is loose?

How can you tell if your diamond or gemstone is loose?Usually, you can spot this yourself. Maybe use a toothpick to see if it is moving. However, regularly inspecting will pick this up straight away before it becomes an issue.

Can you repair a chipped diamond?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we can replace diamonds if they splinter. In some cases, we may be able to recut the diamond if it is large enough to warrant such an action.

Advice about Jewellery Repairs

It may be worth your while having a sense of the value of your item before you bring it in to be repaired.

However, we have full insurance, so you can rest assured that you are totally protected when you use our service. Also, we will never carry out anyrepair without prior permission from you.

You should regularly check your items for damage. By bringing items to us when the damage is still small will ensure that it is always wearable, and it will save you money and heartache in the long run.

Always check the warranty too, just in case it is still covered.

Why Call Us for Jewellery Repair Services?

At Blackwell Jewellers, we provide the highest-quality repair service in town, and we have over 70 years of working experience as a testament to this.

We can repair any issue and all at an affordable price too.

Just call us today to learn more about our jewellery repair services and why we are considered the very best.

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