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How To Get Instant Cash Without The Headache

In times of uncertainty, you need a pawnbroker you can trust.

Unfortunately, many people are struggling through financial hardship at the moment, in part, brought on by the current crisis of the pandemic.

People are losing jobs or having their hours cut, which is creating more financial pressure. This means that some are forced to make some tough and potentially unwise decisions to feed their families.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a friendly pawnbroker, all you need is two forms of I.D., proof of address, and an item of jewellery.

Then you can turn that asset into instant cash today. The benefits of this sort of exchange are exponential.

You will quickly get out of that tight spot without a debt, get back on your feet, and if you want, you caneven have that item of jewellery returned.

What could be more convenient and sympathetic to YOUR circumstances than that?

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If you are struggling, and want a pawn, sell or loan service it’s time you make that call today and receive that much needed instant cash

Turn that Jewellery and Gold into Cash

We accept all old, broken and unwanted fine jewellery, watches, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals and transform them into cash for YOUR pocket.

We offer you this with a no questions asked policy. That means we guarantee a fully discreet and speedy service.

What’s more, we can’t be beaten on price, as we promise you exceptional value for your jewellery.

At Blackwell Jewellers, we pride ourselves on offering you the best service. We have a stellar reputation to maintain and a high standing in the community.

Our team of experienced and friendly staff members are ready to make your day just that little bit easier.

Need a Short-Term Loan -We Got you Covered

Not quite ready to part what that fine item yet, but need an instant cash loan and don’t want a bank loan with a ridiculously high interest rate?

Well, we are the solution to your problem

Come and see us at Blackwell Jewellers.

We are more than happy to secure confidential low-interest, short-term loans from one to seven months.

YOU can borrow against all items of fine jewellery, watches, gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, and any sort any precious metal you can think of.

And we promise to store them away safely and securely, ready for their imminent return back to you at the end of your contract term.

Whether you have an overdue bill, a much-needed car service, or even if you just need that holiday abroad

We’ve got you covered!

We promise you no awkward questions, no bureaucratic red tape, no waiting around with bated breath for that answer to a loan application.

We Guarantee you a fast and friendly transaction and CASH in HAND.

Don’t Get Ripped Off by the ‘Other Guys!’

Unfortunately, pawnbrokers have a bad reputation as many of the ‘other guys’ are all too happy to take advantage of your situation to line their pockets.

But at Blackwell Jewellers, our pawnbroker service does things a little differently. One of our core values is to provide you with excellent customer service, which means offering you the highest market rate for your fine jewellery or gold.

We do not relish in your hard times like the ‘other guys’. We are kind, professional, and compassionate.

Our huge customer base is a testament to how we operate, with a whole community of satisfied people who are more than happy to use our service multiple times.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, and we offer the gold standard in pawnbroking services.

When YOU Pawn, sell, or loan from US, you know that you are getting the best value for your fine jewellery, gold and precious metals.

Pawn or Loan Requirements -We Got you Covered

We do not care what your personal circumstances are, we have your back.

But, you may be wondering what exactly you need to secure a loan from us. Well, all you need is:

  • The collateral -the fine jewellery, gold, diamonds, or something else of value to lend against.
  • Two forms of identification -passport, I.D. card, driving licence, etc.The collateral -the fine jewellery, gold, diamonds, or something else of value to lend against.
  • Proof of address -a utility bill, for example.

Unfortunately without the above, we are unable to provide you with our excellent service. So please ensure you have all the required documents in order to secure that loan today.

Guarantees of our Short-term Loans Service


You don’t just get a simple pawnbroking service from us. You benefit from over 100 years of combined experience.

Our specialists simply appraise your item then offer you a fair quote based on the current market value.

Once the amount is agreed, you simply sign the loan paperwork and walk away with cold hard cash in hand!

We offer you the most reputable pawnbroker service around.

Our team of expert professionals are dedicated to giving you an exceptional customer service experience.

We are fast, easy, professional, discreet, and courteous, and what’s more, it is totally private and confidential.

No matter what type of service you need, pawn, sell, or loan, we can do it for you! It could not be more simple.

Just bring your item and the documents, and you can walk away with that much-needed cash today.

No matter what type of service you need, pawn, sell, or loan, we can do it for you! It could not be more simple.

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We are always here and happy to help with any questions or queries you have.

James “Your Friendly Jeweller” Marsh

James Marsh owner of Blackwell Jewellers with his shop

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