Manufacturing Jewellers

Blackwell Jewellers repairs

Custom Designs, Repairs & Cleaning

We have workshop facilities at both premises, which means that you don't have to be parted from your loved jewellery for too long.
Whether it's a new clasp, charms soldering, bracelet shortening, new shanks or a stone needs replacing, we can do it!
All repairs are carried out by our highly skilled workshop staff and all jobs are hand polished.

Bespoke Jewellery & Remodelling:

Have you got a piece of jewellery that you don't like the design of anymore?
Why not have it re-modelled into something new?
We offer a bespoke jewellery service. We can design and hand make a beautiful piece for you.
Come in store today to speak with one of our highly skilled workshop staff members.

Wedding Ring & Engagement Rings:

Custom wedding rings and engagement rings made to suit all budgets.
Diamonds available to view by appointment.
We aim to create the perfect piece for your special day.


Our expert members of staff offer an Insurance Valuation service.
All valuations are carried out within 5 days.
We charge £10 for the certificate plus 1% of the overall goods value.

e.g - Valuation for the value of £1000.
£10 Certificate Charge + 1% of overall goods value (£10) = £20

Get your items covered today!