Morris & Steed t/a Blackwell Jewellers

What is pawnbroking?

Pawnbroking is the business of advancing loans that are secured against pledges of personal assets. Those assets could include items such as gold jewellery, platinum, diamonds & fine watches.

Why pawnbroking?

Pawnbroking provides a safe, efficient, way to obtain cash from your valuable items. When you pawn property you own with a pledge, you are simply turning your goods temporarily back into cash. In a sense, you are borrowing from yourself. No credit checks. No awkward bank manager questions to answer. No anxiety about unsecured credit or credit ratings, if the loan is not repaid. Your loan is secured by the items you pledge. You get cash without red tape through a straightforward transaction.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is an item of value which is used as security against a loan. The pledge can be exchanged immediately for a specified cash amount. The amount we loan is a percentage of the estimated value of the item.

Our in-house specialists are ready to expertly value your jewellery, diamonds & fine watches.

A quick & easy way to raise extra cash.

Typically, the loan process takes a matter of minutes, from dropping off your items to walking out with your cash.

Advantages of Pawnbroking:

  • No credit checks. 2 forms of identification dated within the last 3 months required.
  • Confidential service
  • Instant cash
  • You still retain ownership of your valuable items
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Quick and easy

Quick and easy steps:

  1. Leave an item(s) of jewellery as security & agree your loan amount
  2. Sign your loan agreement
  3. Receive your cash instantly
  4. Leave your goods with us for safe storage for up to 7 months and repay anytime you want within this period


We offer 7 month cash loans secured against jewellery, diamonds and fine watches. Come in and speak to a member of staff about raising a cash loan against your items today.