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Our Journey Unfolds

James here, from Blackwell Jewellers - Picture this: over three decades ago, a young enthusiast dives into the dazzling realm of gems and metals, armed with nothing but pliers, passion, and a vision. That eager apprentice was me, embarking on a journey to transform raw materials into exquisite symbols of beauty.

The path from those humble beginnings to where we stand now wasn't paved with ease. It's been a saga of resilience, dotted with highs and lows, and illuminated by the sheer joy of creation. The leap into establishing my own brand came with its fair share of trials. Yet, every challenge served as a stepping stone, propelling us forward.

Fast track through years of dedication, we've blossomed from a single craftsman's dream into a flourishing reality of three physical stores. Our latest treasure? A boutique in Maidstone, a testament to our enduring legacy and commitment to the craft.

Reflecting on the journey, those initial years in the workshop were grounded in perseverance. It was an era of relentless effort, fueled by a dream bigger than any obstacle. That dream wasn't just about opening a shop; it was about laying the foundation for a legacy.

And there I am below, alongside the Mayor of Maidstone, celebrating the grand opening of our newest store.

What was that? You didn’t realise how good looking I am… Thanks, to be honest I never noticed.

The Journey of Blackwell Jewellers: A Tale Not So Tall

It all started in a modest workshop, where the most thrilling sight was the occasional sparkle from gold dust. There I was, equipped with big dreams and, let's be honest, a fashion sense that might raise a few eyebrows today, diving into the art of jewellery making. Every piece, from rings to necklaces, was brought to life not just with skill and patience but with a fair share of muttering under my breath.

Fast forward from that one-man show, and now we're celebrating the opening of our third store, right in the heart of Maidstone. It's been a ride – one fuelled by endless cups of coffee, a solid belief in making jewellery as relatable as a good old catch up with a mate, and, of course, a hearty dose of excitement.

Opening each store felt like turning a new page in our story, one where you, our beloved customers, are the heroes. It's been a narrative filled with tales of creativity (and the occasional creative mishap), but through it all, I've kept my hands firmly on the tools of the trade.

Here we are, proof that a mix of dreams, grit, and a sense of humour can lead to something pretty extraordinary. And believe me, translating dreams into the tangible, shimmering reality of our jewellery has been as dazzling an adventure as the pieces we craft with you in mind.

Why Blackwell? It's Pretty Straightforward

Navigating through endless jewellery choices can be overwhelming, right? So, why lean towards Blackwell? Here’s the thing: For us, it’s less about transactions and more about the stories we get to be a part of. Whether it’s crafting something bespoke or breathing new life into an old favorite, our focus is on making jewellery that resonates with you personally, not just adding to your accessory collection.

We’re all about ethical sourcing too. Why? Because we reckon that true beauty shouldn't cost the earth or anyone’s well-being. And with a variety that spans from the classics that never age to the latest trends, we’ve got a little something for every taste.

Picking Blackwell means you’re in for quality, value, and a shopping experience that feels more like catching up with a mate than a sales pitch. Think of us as that buddy in the jewellery world, here to make sure you walk away with something that feels uniquely yours.

So, welcome to Blackwell – a place where every piece tells a story and every customer feels like family.

The Heart of Blackwell

Choosing Blackwell Jewellers isn't just about selecting a piece of jewellery; it's about enhancing your story with our expertise and dedication. Our team, seasoned with years of experience, is here not just to assist, but to enrich your journey with us. Your trust, referrals, and repeat visits do more than just keep our doors open—they inspire us to uphold the highest standards in everything we do.

You are the reason we strive for excellence in every detail, from the selection we offer to the personalised service we provide. Your loyalty lights up our store, and every visit from you is a chapter in the rich history we're creating together.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. From meticulous training to a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure every interaction is informed, helpful, and tailored to your needs. Whether you're entrusting us with a cherished piece for repair, seeking advice on a new purchase, or exploring financial solutions with our pawnbroking services, we're here to support you with integrity and expertise.

A Little Something Extra

And there's more to Blackwell than meets the eye. Did you know I've ventured into the world of writing? Yes, indeed—I've authored two books, with the latest exploring the captivating realm of gold and the intricacies of fiat currency. It's a journey through history, value, and the very essence of what we treasure.

Curious to dive deeper? I’m inviting you to grab a FREE copy of my latest book. It’s not just a read; it’s an invitation to explore the golden threads that connect us all.

Download your copy here and join me on this glittering adventure:


At Blackwell, we're more than a team; we're a family. And we're more than a shop; we're a part of your story. We're looking forward to many more years of shared stories, experiences, and, of course, exquisite jewellery.

Looking Forward: The Future of Blackwell Jewellers

As we look to the horizon, Blackwell Jewellers is not just resting on our laurels. We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, a labor of love where we're continuously adding more sparkle every day. Keeping our finger on the pulse of new trends, we're diving deep into the world of Lab Grown Diamonds, blending innovation with tradition.

Our heart remains with second-hand jewellery and bespoke creations, what we do best.

Haven't explored our services yet? Here's a nudge - fill out our form to snag a £20 certificate to spend on anything your heart desires, product or service, the choice is yours. Here's to the future, filled with more gems, smiles, and the unparalleled  Blackwell experience. Thank you for being part of our journey. Welcome to the future, welcome to Blackwell Jewellers.

And Hugo The Dog!


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