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9ct Yellow Gold 3 Stone Sphene & Diamond ring

9ct Yellow Gold 3 Stone Sphene & Diamond ring

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Pre-Loved 9ct yellow gold 3 stone sphene and diamond ring, a symbol of elegance and romance that captures hearts with its captivating design. This ring features three enchanting oval Sphene gemstones arranged horizontally across the band, creating a stunning focal point that mesmerizes with its fiery brilliance.

Sphene, known for its exceptional dispersion and play of colours, adds a unique and vibrant character to this ring. The fiery hues dance within each stone, creating a dynamic and ever-changing display of colours that will leave you enchanted.

To further enhance the allure of this ring, diamonds are set on either side of the Sphene trio, forming a heart-shaped arrangement. These diamonds not only symbolize love and devotion but also add a touch of timeless elegance to the design.

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I am absolutely blown away by the outstanding service and kindness of Blackwell Jewellers. I had lost the diamond in my ring and was dreading the cost to have it replaced, but James kindly sorted it out for me. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Super friendly staff. Thank you so much

Joanne Demwell

Absolutely fantastic service, highly recommend, from start to finish. James made a beautiful torque bangle for my husband from his late mothers jewellery. it far exceeded our expectations. thank you very much we really appreciate all the work that went into it

Lisa Farrugia